A Charitable Remainder Trust is for you if ...

You want to make a major gift to us while retaining or increasing your income;

You hold securities, a business, or investment real estate, and want to avoid the capital gains cost of a sale;

You desire maximum flexibility in the operation of your gift:

You want income paid to your beneficiary for a term of years instead of her lifetime;

You want to pay more than one beneficiary;

You want the option of choosing the trustees of your gift plan.

A Unitrust pays beneficiaries variable income. Choose a unitrust if you want your income to be able to grow over time.

A Unitrust can hold assets that are appreciating but not yielding income. It's the right option if you want to invest your gift plan first for growth and then for income, or if you want to donate a valuable but temporarily illiquid asset.

An Annuity Trust pays beneficiaries fixed income. Choose an annuity trust if you value that stability, or if you want a larger charitable deduction than a unitrust would give you.

You can place tax-free bonds in an Annnuity Trust, receive a charitable deduction, then draw tax-free income through the trust.