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Gifts of Appreciated Assets

Stocks and bonds are not the only forms of appreciated property that receive favorable tax treatment when they are donated to Media Research Center. The IRS also allows donors of appreciated real estate, business interests, equipment that we can use, and books and artwork to contribute them and receive a deduction based on their full market value. These gifts do raise more tax and acceptance issues than contributions of publicly-traded securities, and we ask our friends who may be considering such a gift to contact our office first.

Gifts of Real Estate

Media Research Center is happy to consider gifts of both residential and commercial real estate. We gratefully review each offer in conjunction with our management team, who evaluate the condition and marketability of the property.

Real estate may be given to us outright, or be used to fund a life-income gift such as a unitrust or a benefactor may give his/her home to us and reserve the right to continue to live there (a retained life estate).

Gifts of Business Interests

You can give MRC investment partnership shares or closely-held stock, as an outright transfer or to fund a life-income gift. Such a gift should be carefully reviewed by your legal and tax counsel first, and we will also assess it before we proceed.

Gifts of Books and Artwork

We are receptive to gifts of books, artwork and collectibles that meet these requirements:

  1. The donated pieces must be related to our mission, and
  2. You must secure an appraisal of the pieces, conducted by an independent appraiser who was not originally involved in selling the pieces to you. We can assist you in following IRS-required procedures for this appraisal.

To learn more about gifts of appreciated assets, Email us, complete the Information Request form, or call us at (800) 672-1423 so that we can assist you.

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